Sunday, May 28, 2017

Still hanging out in Flagstaff

Just feel the warmth
FLAGSTAFF, AZ - - So, you  may be asking yourself why we're still in  Flagstaff?  Simple: it's the CYA theory.  As in:  Cover Your Accommodations. If you're traveling then getting a campsite on the weekend is always a gamble.  Getting a site on a three day holiday weekend raises the odds.  Normally, when you travel and begin looking for a site about 3pm.  Doing that on a holiday is a crap shoot.
     On Thursday we decided that rather than hit the road, we would extend the stay in our campground until Sunday night (7 days) and hit the road on Memorial Day when most folks are traveling. home.  The CYA attitude works quite well as long as the campground isn't full of blow-out, party-hardy weekend escapees.

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