Wednesday, May 10, 2017

On our way

GREENSBORO, NC - - We got away from OB late Monday afternoon heading out for another five month wander around the West.  My health problems kept us home last year which seemed more like a ten year endurance test...since we've been on the road each summer since 2006.
      We stopped at South of the Border, a well known destination for anyone who has  traveled  I-95 in the Carolinas.  My first time there was in 1970 on my way to Daytona and the Cycle Week motorcycle races at Daytona International Speedway.  My second time was yesterday.  The only real change is that it has gotten bigger. 
     Why call it South of the Border??  Because you can see the North Carolina state line from SOB.
     The funky shot of Pedro and the rest of the gaudy atmosphere  gives a good idea of what you might miss if you drive by.  Now it's onward tomorrow towards Tennessee and points West.
The viewfinder lies because it showed the top of the huge sombero

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