Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bargain prices in Oklahoma

We saw gas as low as $1.85 but were past the exit by the time we read the price
CLINTON, OK - - The weather forecast for today was:  sunny, breezy and with great gas prices.  Take advantage now because low prices won't last.  We've found Oklahoma to always be easy on the wallet.
     Oklahoma's barely rolling topography and very straight I-40 made for an almost easy day.  A major traffic backup in Oklahoma City at the main interchange of intersecting interstates led to hitting the alternate route...longer but quicker.  When we rejoined I-40 all was good.  The Texas panhandle looms down the I-route with New Mexico after that.  We're still trying to outmaneuver the nasty weather the TV out here keeps reminding us about.

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