Monday, May 15, 2017

Getting up in the world

Lydia sits by the campfire while "the Bus" is in breakfast mode.

This sign got my attention.
SANTA FE, NM - - The 'getting up' in the blog title refers to our current camp site in Black Canyon forest service campground in Santa Fe, NM. At 8,300' it's breath taking...literally.  At $5 a night you can't beat the price (half off for holders of the government's park pass for seniors).  We plan on spending at least 5 nights as we did two years ago.
     Anyway, on Sunday night we were in Villaneuva (NM) state park.  We weren't too high (6,000') but we were remote.  And remote is good when you're looking at the heavens.  By 10:30pm it looked as if you could reach up and touch the stars.  We were camped on an area halfway up the surrounding canyon wall and with no tall trees and no ambient light sources to dull the sky so you could scan 360-degrees.  It's not something you can see in Florida.
     Earlier on Sunday we crossed through Texas.They have an easy way to keep kids from wandering off, at the Gray County rest stop (I-40) in the Panhandle.  The adults stay on the paved walking areas too.

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