Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Grand Canyon Glory

The Colorado River rolls thru the canyon

A relatively level section of Bright Angel Trail is visible.  Keep going another 3,000' to the canyon floor.
FLAGSTAFF, AZ - - The Grand Canyon never ceases to amaze.  We've seen the awe inspiring terrain from both the South and North Rims.  From the SR, the drop to the river is 5,000'.  You get an extra 1,000' of elevation on the north side so the drop is 6,000'.  Now imagine you want to do a rim-to-rim trek  26 miles of hiking and you have a "fun" escape.
     And escape is what we wanted to do after battling the very large crowds on the South Rim.  Everyone should see the Grand Canyon once you just need to be aware that it seems like everyone shows up on the same day on the south side.  So we suggest you head to the North Rim... as it takes dedication to get there and a long drive which keeps the crowds to a reasonable number.

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