Friday, May 12, 2017

Elvis slept here...but we didn't

Hang this on  your wall if you're an Elvis fan.  (Right, I should have straightened the pic before using it.)

We spotted the Elvis souvenir at our lunch stop, in Forrest City, TN. (Wavy image due to rain falling on windshield.)
CARLISLE, AR - - Of course we're talking about The King of Rock and Roll, none other than Elvis "the Pelvis" Presley.  And the mecca for long time RR fans...Graceland.  Unfortunately the best we could do was wave as we sloshed through Memphis in a heavy, heavy rainstorm.  Lots of rain has been the byword for today and it appears it will be with us for at least the next two days.  There's plenty of evidence of what it has been like here in Arkansas and western Tennessee as small streams and rivers (including the Mississippi) have overflown their banks. Farmers fields, visible from I-40,  are sodden with standing water.  

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