Thursday, May 11, 2017

On the road notes

COOKEVILLE, TN - - A long day in the van...or so it seemed.  Actually 400 miles isn't bad unless your  posterior hasn't been subjected to  that much sitting in one place in 19 months.  Lydia and I split the driving so that breaks things up.  Not much photographic material, but we sure like being in the mountains even if we barely broke a sweat rolling over 2900'.
     Today's edition of this blog is courtesy of the wi-fi at the Alpine Motel in Cookeville.  Usually if we were camping (strong thunder storms heading this way later tonight according to tv) we would have stopped at a McDonalds.  They are everywhere.  Two senior coffees and you are set for at least an hour.  However, we'll take a wifi signal anywhere we can find one.  Real Estate offices are a good source, but if you are parked "stealing" a signal the local law enforcement really frowns on it.
      Tomorrow?  More Tennessee and probably some Arkansas.

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