Wednesday, June 14, 2017

'Tis the season

TUCSON, AZ - - Thursday, June 15, is the beginning of Monsoon Season here. Most of Arizona and New Mexico get nearly half their average rainfall (10 inches) before the season officially ends September 30.
     The above sign is seen more frequently then "Road work ahead"  and it seems as if the public works departments are working on  just about every street and road we've traveled in Tucson.  
     This area is currently bone  dry and it seems strange to cross river bridges and other bridges where there is nothing but cement hard layers of soil and sand and scrub to be seen.  But take that situation, add what can be two-inches of rain in an hour and you have the ingredients for flash floods.  And the flooding follows the 'path of least resistance'  so  that the dips in the road; highway underpasses and just about any low area can become a lake or raging torrent.
     You would think that abundant signs and visual evidence that the water just might be deep and flowing very fast would be enough to deter folks from trying to see if their vehicle has amphibious traits.  There's always a few folks who like to try.

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