Friday, June 02, 2017

High water

Water level?  Really?
TUCSON,AZ - - The above photo was taken in a dip beneath an under pass on a highly traveled highway in Tucson.  The very deep water level is FIVE FEET.  The area is bone dry as this is written with streams and rivers dusty and sprouting only very hardy weeds.
     The area gets only 12-inches of rain a year while in Ormond Beach our average is 51 inches.  So why the threat of floods.  Because the average rainfall comes almost all at once creating flash floods.  July through September are  "monsoon" season and  all the streams run together.  There are signs on most roads in low lying areas warning not to dive through flooded roadway areas. 
     The folks we are house sitting for say you have to be very alert and careful during the "monsoon."

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