Sunday, June 04, 2017

Planes, planes, planes

These C-133 cargo aircraft date back to when I was in the Air Force

The "Super Guppy" was used by NASA to ferry space shuttle assemblies
TUCSON, AZ - - We visited the Pima (county) Air and Space Museum to check out the displays of aircraft.  While  the majority of planes in the museum are indoors, there is another area called the "boneyard," a 2,900 acre outdoor holding pen for aircraft and parts no longer in use. Imagine rows and rows of planes sitting in the sun and dry heat waiting to be torn apart for scrap or used for parts or sold to countries looking to establish an air force.  
       Davis-Montham Air Base is the secure location and the extremely low humidity and scant rainfall make this a very good place to store the planes. As is visible in the photos all the outdoor aircraft are sealed against the sun and fine grit in the air.  Should a foreign nation  wish to add their aircraft all it takes is a $20,000 fee to get each plane into storage.

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